april kuan

April started her yoga journey in 2009 in her birthplace of Malaysia, establishing a regular practice in ashtanga and hatha that helped her find balance from a stressful publishing career.

Her yoga practice evolved through the years, from what was once a purely physical practice to one that began to embrace meditation and mindfulness. Falling in love with yoga as she noticed the changes in her mental, physical and emotional health, she felt a desire to delve more deeply into the study of yoga through teacher training. She is now a certified RYT 200- hour vinyasa and hatha yoga teacher, graduating from the Kailash Tribal School of Holistic Healing in Dharamsala, India (a place she was spiritually drawn to), and continues to grow her practice as an ever-evolving student of yoga while regularly incorporating pranayama (breath control), shatkarma (cleansing techniques) and chanting.

April adopts a practical and open-minded approach to yoga practice and philosophy, a methodology acquired from her teacher and mentor Yogi Sivadas. She is a true advocate of yoga for everybody and every body type, and believes that every asana (posture) can be modified to suit any age and fitness level. April’s teaching style exemplifies yoga as a moving meditation, one that is practised with grace, and a real awareness of the mind and body connection.