Don't worry,
we're still selling them : )

We haven't totally sorted our stuff out yet, but you're welcome to drop by whenever. We're taking orders.

The store pretty much cleaned out all our samples to so we've got to make new ones for display. We are also hosting workshops of all sorts now and working with NASOM this month. There's a lot going on but there's still plenty of room for our 34 friends.



Probably the widest selection of leathers and hardware
available in this part of the world. We’ve now expanded our offerings with leather tools. Basic to Advanced sets. Starting look like a full blown craft supply store for all your workshop needs. Link coming up in a bit.

IG :

For bespoke orders :

+6012 883 0034
86-1 Jalan Medang Serai
Bangsar 59100

For wholesale productions :
+012 248 6006

shop 34.BESPOKE

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