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Gerald Chia, or more fondly known as Ged, has always been passionate about constructing things with his hands, and had a keen eye for aesthetics and design at a very young age. It seems that there's nothing this multi-talented designer and nature lover can't do. Whether he's fashioning a ready-to-wear outfit from fabric, crafting a functional tote bag out of leather or working with plants to create a minimalist indoor garden, you can tell this alumnus of the Raffles Institute of Art and PJ College of Art & Design puts his heart and soul into this projects.

His pieces reflect his laid-back and adaptable style as he combines effortless flair and functionality. Skilled in sewing, handcrafting and hand-stitching leather, Ged has designed numerous accessories for 34 under his namesake – the "Gerald" collection – including document holders, eyeglass cases, passport holders and cardholders. Lately, this plant hobbyist has been exploring the art of "kokedama", a form of Japanese garden art for the home. He also loves gardening and crafting terrariums.


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