It felt weird branding pots after my name - Loo Jia Wen - so I sell them under the name 'inkypots'. Gives me a level of anonymity and allows me to talk about my pots like I am not talking about myself. I am a maker. I find purpose in making things. I don't talk much... in fact, this blog is probably going to be my biggest collection of personal words. Strangely, my other job is that of a copywriter :)



From pots to ink and paints!

Inkypots started when I was a freelance copywriter and graphic designer.
In my spare time, I opened an online shop here selling pots I made in my home studio.
I still make pots, but these days the shop features prints of drawings and paintings I've made.

Many drawings are inspired by my practice of yoga. I'm not a serious yogi (whatever that is
but I do try to practice in tiny ways every day. Whether it's just wiggling my toes
while sitting or doing spine stretches after sitting at the computer. I try to meditate too ;)

Other drawings you see here are expressions of feelings that I have experienced. And others are just for fun!
I hope these drawings brighten up your walls and become reminders of lightness and love.

For now, I am living in Ubud, Bali with my partner, two cats and lots of little creatures.

INKYPOTS by Loo Jia Wen