oyuki Matsumoto



Oyuki Matsumoto is a creative producer and project manager with many years experience developing innovative projects and concepts in the interface between traditional and contemporary art forms - often with unexpected or humorous twists.

Her expertise lies in bridging different worlds -both artistically, conceptually and between people and cultures. In the last 8 years, her primary focus has been the development of STPLN - now a creative hub and meeting space, which includes Sweden's first Maker Space, project she also manages.


Oyuki also runs her own events and production company where she produces events for a range of venues- from the traditional to the quirky. Oyuki is also a sought-after consultant in the areas of communication, organisational development and innovation for the cultural sector and creative industries. Clients include Arduino (IT)Malmö Live (SWE) The cultural department of Malmö (SWE) and Mr. Woo (MEX) to name a few.Write here...